How to tell the difference between the best and worst movies of 2020

We’ve seen an explosion of the genre, with blockbuster blockbusters and a variety of smaller films, ranging from romantic comedies to more mainstream fare.

And there are plenty of great, quirky films that make you wish you could watch them all, even if they aren’t as big as a blockbusters.

We’ve narrowed down the 10 films that will do just that.

But the list isn’t quite done yet.

In fact, it’s only just begun, with more films to be announced.

The best films of 2020 are:1.

The Girl on the Train2.

I’ll Be Yours3.

The Book of Life4.

The End of the Tour5.

You Can Count on Me6.

The Moth7.

Inherent Vice8.


The Perfect Guy10.

The Best in the World