How to watch ghiblis films, films from the future, and more in 2018

With a focus on ghibloos films from 2017 and beyond, we’ve put together a list of all the ghiblicious titles that are coming to Netflix this year.

The list is compiled from our friends at The Film Blog.

You can see a complete list of titles here.

To read our review of The Tale of Princess Kaguya and The Tale Of Princess Cagliostro, click here .

We’re also streaming some films from other studios as well, like the new Godzilla: King of the Monsters and a new adaptation of Shunsuke Nakamura’s The Tale and the Treasure of the Ancient Kingdom. 

Here’s our full list of 2018 films: The Tale of Prince Kaguia: The Golden Age of Ghibli (2017) The Tale Of Prince Kuu: The Legend of the Seven Seas (2017), The Treasure of Ancient Kingdom (2017). 

The Legend of Princess Caggiostro: The Tale that Changed the World (2017, adapted from the novel by the same title by Takashi Shimura) The Secret of the Red Dragon (2017): The story of the secret treasure of the ancient kingdom of Kiku-Kiku, the only true treasure in the world. 

The Tales of Zorro: Tales from the Wild West (2017-2018) Tales of Zora: Tales of an Animated Film (2017)-Tales from the Arabian Nights (2017; sequel to  The Tale , with new characters). 

Tales From the Arabian World: Tales From the Golden Age (2017 – 2018) Tale of Zorg (2018) Voyager 2: The Last Voyage (2017)*Voyagers: A Space Opera (2017 and 2018) The Tale from the Land of the Lost (2017); the film follows the adventures of a group of travelers in the distant future when they travel to a far-off planet and encounter the ancient warrior king who has the power to return lost lost civilizations to their rightful place. 

Treasure of the Hidden Valley (2017-) The Great Wall of China: The True Story of the Legend of Wu-Zhong-Tao (2017 with the film adaptation by Hong Kong filmmaker Michael Gung). 

Trickster (2017: film adaptation)The Tale from Kaguiya: The Adventure of Princess Tilda (2017)”The Treasure and the Temple” (2017 “Tale” series film)The Treasure from the Mysterious Planet (2017 film) The Treasure of Cagliaostro (2017 novel)The Adventure of Prince Kaiko: The Hidden Treasure of Zulu (2017 adaptation) A New World for a New World: A New World of Adventures (2017 original film) Hoshi no Zorrod (2017 adapted from The Tale )The Tale and Treasure of Kaguaga (2017 animated film)