Sony, Amazon fight over film studios

Sony, the biggest movie studio, is trying to block an effort by Amazon to buy up the rights to its film studios.

The push comes as Sony has faced increased competition from the online video giant Netflix and its acquisition of the digital rights to some of its film properties.

The fight between Sony and Amazon comes as both companies have been trying to build their own movie studios to compete with one another.

Netflix, which has already acquired many of Sony’s movies, has already begun buying out studios.

Amazon, which is also looking to diversify its offerings, has announced plans to acquire more than 100 major film and TV studios, and it is currently working with several other studios.

Sony has a big problem with Netflix, though.

Netflix is suing Sony over some of the company’s movies and TV shows, arguing that Sony was using its films to advance its own interests.

That lawsuit, known as Sony v.

Netflix (which is also the name of a class-action lawsuit), has been going on for months.

Sony is trying, in effect, to stop Amazon from buying up the studios and potentially diluting Sony’s movie business.

Sony, like many other studios, has long been interested in Netflix’s movies.

It has been working with the streaming service to release movies it wants to make.

The lawsuit filed this week by Netflix comes after a long-running legal battle between Netflix and Sony over the future of its movie library.

Netflix wants to use its movies to promote its own movies and television shows, but Sony, which owns the rights, has been resisting.

Netflix and Amazon have both said they would work together to develop a film library for each other.

Netflix has said it is interested in releasing movies that could be used to promote movies in other formats.

But Sony is worried that Amazon will then make movies that are more similar to the films Netflix wants.

Amazon is looking to develop its own movie library that could compete with Sony’s, and its plan includes buying out dozens of studios, according to people familiar with the matter.

Sony also has a long history of taking on Netflix.

It bought the rights in 2000 to make movies including a sequel to “The Shawshank Redemption,” a remake of the original “Casablanca,” and a remake and a prequel to “Casino Royale.”

Netflix also bought the movie rights to “Ghostbusters” in 2016, but that deal didn’t work out.

Netflix also tried to buy out the rights for “The Muppets” in 2018, but Netflix backed out.

Sony said in an internal memo that Amazon had tried to take control of the studio, which included the movie studios, because of the way it has made its movies.

Sony and Netflix are also fighting over the use of their film studios’ movies for marketing purposes, including for movies that would be made for Netflix, according the memo.

Sony told investors in October that its movie studios are struggling to survive as streaming services become more popular and studios struggle to compete against them.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings has argued that Sony is taking advantage of its studios’ film business.

Netflix sued Sony last year in a lawsuit that alleged that Sony had taken over the studio and was using it to create a competitor to Netflix.

The case was eventually settled in 2018 for $8.5 billion.

The dispute between Sony, Netflix and the two companies has dragged on for years, but the dispute has heated up in recent months, with Sony accusing Netflix of using its movie assets to promote films it didn’t have the rights or control.

In November, Sony filed a lawsuit against Netflix over its use of its films, and Netflix accused Sony of using similar tactics.