‘My son’s father was the one who killed me’: Man’s confession to killing his father

Manoj Kumar Mishra, whose son Manoj Mishra was killed in 2009, has said his son’s confession was “very painful”.

He told the Times of Israel he was “absolutely sure” that the confession was made by his son.

“He confessed to the crime because he felt ashamed about it.

I am very sure about that,” Mr Mishra said.

The confession was recorded by his father, who had left his home in Rajasthan, for the first time in three decades, on October 30, 2009.

Mr Mishra had been in prison for two years on charges of murder.

Mr Kumar Mishras was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2009 for the murder of his son, but was released on parole last year.

Mr Jain, who died of a heart attack in April, was one of the few men in India to have confessed to his murder, but the evidence against him is weak.

Mr Rishi Jain had claimed in his confession that he shot Mr Mishras, but his lawyer and his wife have denied the allegations.

Mr Gaurav Yadav, who was also accused of the murder, is currently in a hospital in Mumbai after being admitted to a mental hospital.

Mr Yadav was released from a psychiatric hospital in January after doctors confirmed he had no mental illness.

He is expected to return to court on November 11.

Mr Kishore Singh, who is also facing charges in the case, said his client was in a stable condition and that he was confident of his case being heard by a judge.

“We are very hopeful.

We are waiting for the judge’s decision on the plea to dismiss the charges.

We will continue our fight against the government,” Mr Singh said.