How to spot a scam artist

The best advice you can give when spotting a scam artists fraud is to keep a record of your conversations.

A record of the conversation will show you if the person you spoke to was a fraudster.

If you are unsure whether you were contacted by a scammer, you can call the company and they can help you identify a scamster.

Be sure to ask questions and to verify whether the person in the company has the skills and experience to work with you.

Do not assume that someone who is a scam creator will be honest.

Be wary of anyone who says they will do your bidding or make your life easier by working with you and you, or who promises that he can get a loan or other financing, if you have a bank account or other source of income.

The only person you can trust is the person who has been in your situation and who has the knowledge and experience.

Do your research and find out if the company is trustworthy.