Swallow Film and Privacy Window Film: How Porn Filters work

A new technology that uses a smartphone app to stream content from a private porn site has been approved by the European Commission for use by private sector companies in Europe.

The device, called Swallow, was developed by German firm Lighthouse, which said in a statement that it was the first to “implement a truly private browsing experience for all content.”

Lighthouse has partnered with Pornhub, a porn website that offers users a virtual desktop to browse the website.

The new app can be used by private companies to operate the site as a porn site, Lighthouse said.

The EU commission said the app “will allow private firms to access and use content, including in a way that is legal and safe for them, without having to disclose any personal information or to comply with user data protection rules.”

Lightspeed Venture Partners, a venture capital firm, will be the company that develops the app and will be working with PornHub to ensure the privacy of the data collected, Lopes Venture Partners said.

“We are pleased that the Commission has approved this important step towards achieving an entirely private browsing environment for everyone,” Lopes Partner Michael Sussman said.

Lighthouse is also the first company to make use of privacy windows.

Lighthouse is a cloud-based service that offers a privacy window to users that provides an alternative to using the Internet and allowing users to choose between different webpages.

The company, which has also partnered with Google, is the first provider to use this type of privacy window for its users.

Pornhub and Lighthouse are among a group of companies that are participating in the U.K.-based Private Internet Access.

The company, also known as PrivateInternetAccess, was founded in 2007 and offers private browsing on its website.

PrivateInternetAccess does not sell advertising or promote the company.

PrivateInternet Access said the new privacy window app would allow it to “continue to operate and grow its business as a safe, secure and legal provider of adult content.”

The new privacy app, dubbed Swallow (a play on the words of Swallow), has been available for more than two years and offers the same privacy options available to users of other porn sites.

Porno-related content is already available on the platform, but it is also available through the apps Pornhub and Swallow.

Lopes said its app could offer the same experience for private companies.PORNHUB has said it will be a part of the Private Internet access project.