How to watch Vantage Point: A History of the First Century

Vantage point, the film series that chronicles the rise of the Roman Empire from the Roman era, was originally broadcast by PBS.

But PBS was forced to pull the series in 2015, citing budget cuts.

In 2017, PBS aired the first season of VantagePoint: The First Century in full, but its episodes have been re-edited for Vantagepoint, and the series has been pulled from PBS platforms. 

The VantagePoints are a series of documentaries that chronicle the rise and fall of Roman civilization.

PBS is showing the series for free on its online streaming platform, as well as on its website and on the PBS app.

The Vantage points were originally broadcast on PBS in 2017, and were followed by a season in 2018.

Vantagepoints are available on PBS’s website and, as are a limited number of PBS Vantage Points cards.