The Assassination of Robert Durst: A Story of Murder and Redemption by John Ridley

The story of Robert James Durst has been shrouded in mystery for decades, and even today, some have a hard time understanding why he is considered such a great person.

But new evidence has emerged that sheds new light on the case, as well as the life and times of Durst.

Now, the filmmaker behind the film has finally released a new documentary on the man and his life, called The Assassinations of Robert Marcus Durst, to mark the 75th anniversary of his death.

The film is based on an oral history by a former FBI agent named Robert Durso, which was compiled over the years.

In his book, Durso recounts a series of events leading up to his death in 1995.

He recounts a string of murders that began with an attempted rape and ended with his murder.

Durso said that he was working in a New Orleans apartment complex when a group of men entered the building and raped him.

The men then killed the woman, then took her car, and drove to the home of Durso’s girlfriend, who was at home when the crime occurred.

When Durso tried to break into the home, he was shot in the leg.

He says that the group left the apartment and headed to the parking lot of a nearby business.

When he tried to drive to his car, he and his girlfriend were both shot in both legs.

Durson says that they both died from their injuries, and that the men fled on foot.

While the story of the murder was not a central part of the book, it is a central element of the film.

In the film, Durson’s girlfriend tells him that the gunmen took her vehicle and then drove off, leaving him lying dead on the ground.

He eventually regained consciousness in the hospital, and a team of doctors performed an autopsy on his body.

According to the filmmakers, Durst’s girlfriend was “completely traumatized” by what had happened, and had difficulty coming to terms with what had taken place.

“The assassination has been the story that she has been fighting to understand for a very long time, and now she has finally found a way to make sense of it,” said director John Ridley.

Ridley said that Durst and his wife, Debra, are now living in the Los Angeles area, and he hopes to film more documentary films in the future.

He also hopes to take a look at the case through the eyes of other people who have been involved in the case.

“I’m sure that there are many other people in this country who have a similar experience that they’ve gone through that may have a story to tell,” Ridley said.

“It’s important to explore these people’s stories, and I think that this is an opportunity to do that.”

A History of Violence: The Durst Case is slated to be released in October.