NHL Awards 2016: Takeaway: ‘Cinderella’ (film)

By Sam Amick-USA TODAY SportsThe awards ceremony on Sunday night featured an interesting number of awards, from two nominees for best actor and actress to an award for best animated feature.

The most interesting is one for best comedy. 

The film that won best comedy, Cinderella, received an Oscar nomination for best picture. 

It was the film that took home the award for most comedy in the Oscars, but there was one more category, best drama, which was not awarded.

The film was a remake of the Disney musical Cinderella, written by Julie Taymor and directed by Sam Mendes.

The movie stars Jennifer Lopez as the titular heroine and Kate Winslet as the fairytale princess.

The film is based on the novel by Joseph Conrad.

The Oscar-nominated comedy was nominated for best supporting actor for Will Ferrell.

Ferrell, who has been nominated for many of the same awards, was not nominated in any of the other categories.

Ferrell’s performance is well-known in Hollywood.

His performance was praised for being a strong, believable performance, and for being able to take a lot of risks with his performances.

But the performance also won him the Oscar for best director.

It is interesting that he got a nomination in one of the only categories that the film won, because he has been a vocal critic of the film, particularly in regards to its portrayal of women in the movie.

It was a different story for the animated film, where it received a nomination for the best animated short film.

It’s the third time this year that Disney has nominated an animated film for best animation, and Disney had already nominated it for best original animated feature in the previous awards ceremony.

The animated short was inspired by the Disney fairy tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Mary Poppins.

It starred the voice of Cinderella, Kristen Bell, as well as Kristen Wiig and Mark Ruffalo.

The animated short is not a direct sequel to the Disney film, and does not have a Disney princess or princess story to tie it to.

The short is a very Disney-esque take on the story of Cinderella.

The other nominees for Best Animated Feature were the film based on Joss Whedon’s Firefly comic book series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It was nominated in the best non-fiction feature category.

Whedon’s film was written and directed, by Scott Rosenberg.

The movie was the sixth film from the series, and the fourth film directed by Whedon.

Whedon wrote and directed two of the three films, and wrote the screenplay for the third.

The third film, which is based in the Buffy universe, has a similar tone to the fourth.

The final film nominated for Best Picture was the best film that is animated. 

Wolverine, the animated movie based on James Mangold’s X-Men comic book, was nominated.

It stars James McAvoy as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman as Magneto, Michael B. Jordan as Professor X, James McConaughey as Archangel, Lupita Nyong’o as Enchantress, Channing Tatum as Enchantrix, Chris Evans as Quicksilver, Elizabeth Olsen as Enchantresses mother and more.

Wolverines animated film received a special Oscar nomination, given to the first film to win an Academy Award for best feature animation.

The nomination came from The Motion Picture Association of America, which includes the Academy Awards.

The Motion Pictures Academy is a group of the movie industry’s biggest producers, including Disney, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.