How to watch the Unbreakable Man trilogy

When Unbreakables creator Mike Flanagan says it’s “about a guy that’s trapped in a bubble,” he’s actually describing a movie that’s been made before, albeit with an interesting twist.

Unbreakables is a new film from Flanagan, who has previously worked on the indie hit The Secret Life of Pets, the big screen adaptation of the novel The Martian, and the forthcoming Netflix original, The Mummy Returns.

That’s all in addition to the recent Netflix series, which includes the sequel to the 2003 cult classic Tomb Raider, and three episodes of the animated series The Powerpuff Girls.

The unbreakable, supernatural story of Unbreakably Fond of a Man takes place in Los Angeles, where the main character is a writer who is trapped in his own head and forced to keep writing to his boss, who refuses to pay him his salary.

But as the series unfolds, the story unfolds with surprising speed, revealing secrets and mysteries that could put the man behind the headlocks.

Unbreakability features a screenplay by Flanagan (The Secret Life, The Martian) and the production team that worked on The Mummies, including executive producer, David Burtka, as well as director and writer, Paul W.S. Anderson.

Unreachable is being directed by Flanagans son, Jeff Anderson, with executive producer Mike Flanaghan and executive producers Chris Howard (The Mummy) and Jason Blum (Tomb Raider).

In addition to Flanagan and Anderson, the production will feature directors David Womack (The Maze Runner) and David Ayer (The Fault in Our Stars) on board.

Unbelievable is set to premiere on Netflix on August 24.