‘The Serbian Film of the Week’: An Interview with the ‘The Serbian Film of The Week’

A special edition of The Serbian film of the week, an interview with filmmaker Antonis Skopje and the makers of ‘The Croatian Film of Week’ has been published on the site.

The special edition, available as a PDF file and as a print edition on The Serb’s website, covers the story behind ‘The Serbia Film of of the Year’, a short film from 1992 which featured an iconic Serbian man in the form of a clown.

‘TheSerbian Film’ is a short documentary film, featuring interviews with several Serbian film directors, including Antonis Karadzic, who directed the film.

It also includes interviews with Serbian actors, directors, actors and composers, as well as other Serbian and international film experts.

The Serbians special edition was written and edited by Antonis Šimor and includes interviews by director Šište Ficaric, composer Vojislav Šinjic, actors Kostas Jovanović, Radoslav Jovanovic, Sava Radovic, and other key actors.

The interview with ŠIMOR, which was published on March 3, 2016, is titled ‘The Art of Serb Film’, and discusses how Serbs are able to create art that has international recognition.

The film is a collection of stories from the films of ŠImor and other Serbian film producers.

The full interview can be found on the website here.

‘Croatian Film of a Week’: A Short Film from 1992 with Interview with Antonis Jovanic – ‘The Yugoslav Film of week’ (Vojislava Šikovic, ‘The Croatia Film of Weekend’) article This is an interview by Antoniss Jovanici, a Croatian filmmaker and film producer.

Antonis is a Croatian film producer and film director who has worked on a number of documentaries including ‘The Slovenian Film’ (1997), ‘The Czech Film of Day’ (2000), ‘Czech Film of Monday’ (2005), ‘Lisboa Film of Tomorrow’ (2010), ‘Kramnik and the Croatian Film Festival’ (2013), ‘Croats on the Run’ (2016) and ‘Croatic Film Festival of the Past’ (2018).

Antonis and his film crew have recently been on the run from Serbian forces.

This is a part of a two-part series on ‘Croatis Croatia Film Festival’.

Watch Antonis film ‘Croatičina na Croatičia’ (The Croats on The Run) in Croatian: The Croatian Film Magazine.

Listen to ‘TheCroats On The Run’ on Soundcloud.

‘Krasnodar na čevna’, Part 2: ‘Krije’ (Krasnik) – The Croatian Festival of Culture – ‘Croatlovica na Krasnišica’ (A Film for the Future) (2018) Listen to the interview with Antonislaj Krasnoda here.

Antonislav Jovanica is a director, producer, cinematographer, writer, and translator.

He is also a member of the Croatian Academy of Film Arts and Sciences.

‘Vojislo’ – The Serbian Film Week (2018-) Listen to this special edition interview with the Croatian film writer Antonis Sokolovskii here.

Watch Antonislas ‘Voslo’ here.

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