Patterson, Gimlin join forces to tackle the Antichrist film project

The studio is partnering with Patterson Gimlin to tackle a project that’s been dormant since Patterson’s departure.

The film will be a joint project between Patterson and Gimllin.

The studio will develop and produce the film, which will be directed by the Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Jungle Book, Josh Hutcherson.

It is being co-produced by the Wachowskis, Seth MacFarlane, and Justin Lin.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Pat Patterson on his new project,” Wachowski said in a statement.

“The Antichress will be one of the greatest and most anticipated films of the year and will be an incredibly important part of our storytelling for years to come.

We look forward to seeing what we have in store for the world.”

In addition to Patterson, Gimli, and Lin, the project will also include Michael Ealy, Michael Shannon, and Josh Hutson.