The movie that brought Colombia into the 21st century

Posted August 11, 2018 05:01:11 Colombia’s Lawless film, which was the inspiration for the popular Colombian crime thriller, The Wire, has been released on DVD and Blu-ray.

The movie, which won the Colombian film festival’s prestigious Best Documentary in 2017, will be released on August 11 in the US and on August 14 in Europe.

The film is the work of Colombian filmmaker Pablo Domingo Paz.

The documentary follows the exploits of Pablo (Hector Benitez) and the gangster gangsters, known as The Sibyls, as they try to capture drug lord Pablo (Joaquin Padilla) in the hopes of taking over the Colombian state.

In an interview with The Guardian, Domingos brother-in-law, Jorge Paz, said that the film “exposes how Colombia’s political system is controlled by drug cartels and that it is corrupt and corrupting.

It also explains how the state is used by powerful people and it also exposes how the lawless drug war is a political tool.”

“Lawless is not just a film, it is a statement about Colombia,” Dominges brother- in-law said.

“It’s not about Pablo.

It’s about how Colombians live, how they work and how they can change the situation.”

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that he was proud of his country’s film.

“This is a tribute to the great cinema of Colombia and the film shows how Colombia is transforming,” Santos said.

Paz has also spoken about the film, saying that the Colombian filmmakers “did a great job” and that “they deserve to be recognized for what they have done.”

Colombia’s Drug War: How a Drug War That Has Failed and Destroyed the Country is available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.