How to get over the Oscars

A documentary on the movie industry’s decline has a major caveat: It has no Oscar.

That’s because the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Tuesday that it won’t award the Academy Award for Best Picture for a film that will be shown in theaters this fall.

The Academy’s decision comes as the film business is in a state of disarray.

The year ended with the lowest moviegoing numbers in years, and Hollywood has been plagued by an unprecedented crisis of confidence and confidence building over the past year.

The Oscar race has been largely stagnant for the past five years.

It’s time to go for broke, critics and insiders say.

The new documentary is entitled How to Get Over the Oscars: The Academy’s Last Great Hope for a Great Cinema, a look at how the Academy has failed to revive the movie business.

It tells the story of a group of people, including film industry veteran Tom Rothman, who are making a film about the movie and the people who make it.

The documentary was released on Monday by the Motion Picture Association of America, which has long pushed for the Oscars to be awarded more widely.

“It is an important and timely film, which examines the role of the Academy and its members in the creation and perpetuation of the Oscars,” said the APA.

“This is a critical and timely piece of evidence that the Academy’s failure to award Best Picture is at least partially attributable to its inability to keep pace with the rapidly evolving market for movies,” said Robert M. Miller, president and CEO of the Motion Pictures Association of American, which represents major studios and distributors.

“If the Academy is serious about restoring its credibility and providing a platform for a new generation of filmmakers to compete in the Oscars, it needs to rethink its approach.”

The Academy announced in January that it was in the process of reorganizing the Academy, which includes the Academy Awards, Academy Awards committees and other entities.

It plans to hire a new executive director who would oversee a new process for selecting and selecting the winners of the Best Picture, Best Director and other awards.

The Oscars are a major source of awards money for film, and it has been one of the most popular films to be shown at film festivals.

The Academy says the film is one of a few remaining films in the Oscar race that has earned multiple nominations.

The new documentary also includes interviews with filmmakers, members of the film industry and a member of the acting Academy of Los Angeles.

It will be released in theaters in early September.

The Oscar campaign has been dominated by the “Black Lives Matter” movement and by the Occupy Wall Street protests that broke out last year in the U.S. and around the world.

The campaign has had to confront the fact that the movie is a “political statement” and not an Oscar-worthy film.

But it has also had to contend with other issues such as the ongoing corruption of Hollywood and a political climate that has made it harder for film producers and producers to get nominated for the Best Director category.