How to get a Korean film at home without buying tickets from a Korean site

In the past, you’d go to a cinema or a cinemas and pay money for a ticket, but that’s not possible anymore, as ticketing sites like Ticketfly and Ticketz have started charging more.

Here are some tips to help you get a film at the cinema, without a ticket.


Go to a movie theater If you’re planning on watching a Korean movie, you’ll need to go to the cinema to buy tickets.

The best place to go for a Korean drama is Incheon Cinemas, in the heart of Seoul.

It’s also a popular spot for the local films, like Seunghwan, Aung San Suu Kyi’s documentary about her life as an opposition leader.

The cinema is open on weekends from 10am to 9pm and it has plenty of seating.

Tickets cost between 1,000 and 2,000 won ($930-€1,140) and seats are usually reserved by a lottery system.

You can also buy a cinema ticket from the concession stand inside the cinema.


Get tickets online The ticket sites on both and have a lot of free tickets to buy on the back of the popularity of Korean films.

They’ll show you what they have available for you to buy.

They also list prices for a variety of movies, including movies in their categories.

Tickets can be purchased online at the sites and from the box office.


Buy a ticket for the movies in the queue If you need a movie to watch, go to Incheon Cinema and ask the ticket seller to tell you what movies are available.

Then you can buy tickets for any movies you need to see, without paying the cash price.

You’ll also be able to see what the queue looks like and where you can sit.

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Use the ticket zones to see Korean films online If you can’t make it to a cinemasy or movie theatre, there’s a good chance you can find a movie theatre in your area.

There are ticket zones, which allow you to enter a specific theatre at a certain time and place.

The queues can be long, so be prepared to wait.

You may have to wait a bit, but the queues will be much shorter once you’ve made it to the theatre.

Ticket zones can be accessed at most cinemas or cinemas in your region.

The zone is located in front of the theatre entrance and is usually filled up before the start of the movie.


Use a ticketing app to buy a movie Tickets can sometimes be bought online from the Ticketzone app.

There’s also an app for iOS devices.

There will be an option to buy from the app in your ticket zone.

You won’t need to pay the cash prices or wait in the queues.

The app will give you a short guide to the movies available.


Buy tickets online and wait for the queues at the ticket zone Once you’ve bought a ticket from a ticket zone, it’s possible to wait for a queue to open up.

The queue is often full, but you can use the ticketing system to wait in one place and pay the queue fee.

There may be queues at specific times, but they’re usually short, usually just a few minutes.

You’re not likely to wait more than an hour if you’re able to make it through the queue.


Pick your movie You can buy movies online from several ticket zones.

If you go to one of them, it may give you the option to purchase the film in advance.

However, some zones only allow you buy a ticket once.

You need to purchase a ticket to watch a movie online in one of these zones and you can only watch the film once, even if you buy it in advance online.


Watch a Korean blockbuster online If your ticket is in the cinema and you’re unable to watch the movie online, you can still watch the Korean blockbuster movie at home with your phone.

You will need to buy your ticket from one of the ticketzones or theaters.


Use your phone to buy Korean films Online streaming services like Netflix and Vudu have a dedicated section for Korean movies.

However for Korean dramas, you may be able just to watch them on your phone and not need a ticket in the first place.


Buy DVDs online for movies in Korea Online streaming is limited, but it’s not impossible.

You don’t need a physical copy of a film, just a copy of the DVD.

You should be able get a copy for a reasonable price.

Check with your local movie rental shop or movie ticketing websites to see if they have DVDs for Korean films, or if you can get a DVD for a movie from your home.

You could also find DVDs for other movies from the local movie theatres, including those from your local cinemas.