What we know about Silent Hill: Definitive Edition, Blu-ray, DVD release date and price

We can now confirm the release date of the Definitive Edition Blu-rays and DVDs of Silent Hill 3, 4 and 5.

Silent Hill 4, however, is yet to be announced.

The Definitive Edition includes the full soundtrack, including the two previously released tracks: “The Path of the Evil Twin”, a remix of the original score by Natsume Akimoto and features a remix by Natsuki Mizuki.

The DVD includes the same soundtrack, plus an English-language subtitled version of the film.

Silent Hill 3 will be released in the US on December 17, while Silent Hill 2 will be on December 10 in the UK and December 13 in Australia.

As we know from other editions of Silent Hills, the game’s story is told through flashbacks, which allow the player to explore a variety of locations throughout the game, including “the main cabin” (the one in the middle of the mansion), “the underground tunnels” and “the attic”.

It will also feature “the Silent Hill Underground”, which has previously been revealed in the trailer.

“We can’t reveal any new details at this time,” said director Koji Igarashi in a statement to GameSpot.

“Silent Hills is our first title to be in HD, and it’s going to be a long time coming.”

Silent Hill Definitive Edition will be available on November 17 in North America and November 19 in Europe.

Update: Silent Hill 5 has also been announced.