The Rock movie, which inspired the Rainbow Window film, dies at age 94

The rock film The Rock (1974) starring Jackie Gleason as the character Mr. Fantastic is widely considered to be the first true rock musical.

Gleason, who starred opposite a female rock star, also starred in the movie.

The Rock has spawned an array of musicals, films and television shows.

Gleeson died on Saturday.

His death was confirmed by his family.

“The Rock was a great inspiration to us and it has affected our lives,” his son Robert Gleeson said in a statement.

“We are very saddened to lose Mr. Gleasons contribution to the film.

We appreciate the love and support we have received from many of you over the years.”

The Rock is also the subject of a new documentary, The Rock, which premieres on HBO on Sunday.

In the film, Gleeson, now 85, describes in depth his experiences on the set of the movie and its soundtrack, including the shooting location of the iconic set.

He is also interviewed by the late James Cameron about his life and work in the film industry.